Our Services

Our service has ranged from network planning through Network optimization and monitoring support of high-profile national mobile phone operators and international mobile phone suppliers for technically sophisticated projects.

This contains macro, micro sites and In-building coverage (IBC). For IBC we support installation, commissioning and integration as well, whilst for macro and micro focus is mainly on the service.

Our well trained staff will take care since design till optimization phase for each site. The implementation team handles all installation process according to landlords’ condition and agreement with operator. An experienced supervisor is available at all times and makes sure there’s no communication gap between customer, designer and landlord.

Focusing on optimization services, we provide drive-test/walk test service as well as RF and multi-vendor parameter optimization (skill set includes Alcatel, Ericsson, Huawei, Motorola, NSN and ZTE) to improve the network quality according to the key performance indicator (KPI’s) that has been agreed upon at project start. We can provide our services as turnkey project, manpower based or as part of subcontractor for any projects you may require.

Services Lists

RF Network Planning Service: GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE systems
– Capacity Planning
– Coverage Planning
– Parameters planning
– Pseudo Noise Code Planning  Service
– Frequency Planning / SC Planning / PCI planning

RF Site Survey & Design Service: GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE systems
– Site Audit
– Site Acquisition and Lease Negotiation
– Site Information Collection
– Pre walk-test and existing coverage analysis
– In-building RF Coverage Design
– Repeater RF Design
– Link Budget calculation
– Antenna system design, Bill Of Material (BOM) preparation

Drive Test Service (Turnkey/Manpower):  GSM, CDMA, UMTS, LTE systems
– Define Drive test route
– Drive test for GSM/ GPRS/ EDGE/ CDMA 20001X/ EVDO/ WCDMA/ LTE.
– Field test of stationary/ Mobility
– Single site verification test
– Antenna tilt and direction adjustment
– Collect data in field of measurement with Tools with TEMS tool, NEMO, Agilent etc.

Radio Network Optimization Service (Turnkey/Manpower)
– Statistical data collection, preparation and analysis based on coverage and quality of signal
– Field measurement collection and analysis

Commissioning Service
– Technical Support
– Hardware and software fault clearance
– Software upgrade and feature acceptance test
– On call support process
– Integrate and commissioning services

Installation Work
– Refurbished Room
– Guy Mast installation
– Pipe/ Pole installation
– Feeder installation
– Antenna installation (Outdoor/Indoor)
– LAMP site and DOT system installation

Active DAS, WiFi Survey, Design and implementation service
– Site Audit
– Site Acquisition and Negotiation
– Site Information Collection
– Pre walk-test and existing coverage analysis
– Link Budget calculation both capacity and coverage for Access Point
– Bill Of Material (BOM) preparation
– WLAN/ WiFi system implementation
– Configuration WLAN equipment (Access point, LAN switch)